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When Do I Need a Manager?

If an artist starts generating income, several tasks need to be attended especially if they are doing tours or selling their products on their own. With so much to attend, an artist really needs someone to organize and schedule every activities in order to create more money, but unless nothing has happened yet it isn't really necessary to have a manager. But there is one exception, it is the manager that helps you obtain a record deal. Finding this manager can be hard and must be carefully chose because you don't want yourself be be tangled with complicated contracts initiated by inexperienced managers.

Recording companies generate income by selling records. Though it's promising, it is a fact that approximately 90% of the records produced and released by major recording studios don't make a profit. It's a good reason why independent labels have to be very careful with their expenses because failures could be very costly for them. Most budget for making and selling records coincides to the estimated volume they will sell.