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American Music Producers is a collection of music producers across United States that is systematically listed in a directory. Whether you are music artists or music agents who are looking for music producers in your areas, our directory can assist you.

In music industry, there are many reasons why aspiring music artists or seasoned musicians need a record producer, some of those are to make sure that there is somebody who oversees or control the recording sessions, guiding and supervising each recording processes for each artists, and organizing music production costs and resources.

There are numerous music producer schools in the country for those who are inclined on how to become a music producer. As compared to a film director, music producer's job is also one very exiciting and challenging because it's goal is to create a piece of music that fits in accordance to what they have envisioned for the album. Music production also caters a lot of career specialties like becoming a rap music producer or sometimes becoming like those highly skilled music video producers.

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Featured Music Producer

Highly Recommended Music Production School

The Los Angeles Recording School
Areas of Concentration: Music Production, Digital Recording, Audio PostProduction for Film and Television

Featured Recording Schools

Expression College for Digital Arts
Programs Offered: Bachelor in Sound Arts

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